Facilitating Dialogue

Creating spaces in which people can engage and share, learn and grow by exploring solutions and business alternatives to become (more) sustainable.

Our Approach

Coalitions and consortiums
The main aim of multi-stakeholder processes is to promote inclusive decision-making by ensuring that the views of the key actors are integrated at all stages of dialogue. The process takes the view that everyone involved in the process has a valid view and relevant knowledge and experience to bring to the table. The approach aims to create trust between the actors and solutions that provide mutual benefits (win-win). Communication across a selected value-chain, collective identification of the way forward and responsible actors speeds up the impact process.

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Workshops and Roundtables
To enable businesses to START on Sustainable Inclusive Business Practices, SIB-Kenya organizes sessions tailored to the need of the attendees. Every sector and every business area has a different need, and others simply need a forum. SIB-Kenya has experience in organization, communication, bringing people together, information gathering and sharing: and being the businesses enabler for change. SIB-Kenya facilitates issue to action.

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Annual Conference

Every first quarter of the year, SIB-Kenya hosts a Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business. This conference brings together key players: Businesses, Start-ups, Innovation, Development Partners, Experts, etc to identify challenges, opportunities and solutions and enable businesses to be sustainable and inclusive.

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Speaking & Moderation
With mastery of knowledge on how to run a sustainable business, convening key drivers for industry action and thematic areas like circular economy and biodiversity, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya is skilled with interacting from a neutral perspective, interviewing, group dynamics and leading discussions and processes.

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