Awareness Creation
Sustainable Inclusive Business-Kenya successfully engages in the media in endeavor to create awareness on the new way of doing business. Media engagement is done via TV interviews, Social Media and Newspaper articles. We strive to present a business case during these engagements by using good practice examples that have signed up with their Sustainable Inclusive Business Goal.

Annual Conference
Every first quarter of the year, We host a Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business. This conference brings together key players: Businesses, Start-ups, Innovation, Development Partners, Experts, etc to identify challenges, opportunities and solutions and enable businesses to be sustainable and inclusive.

Research and Reports
Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya is empowered with technical capacity, organization skills, and communication expertise to conduct research and formulate reports on CSR matters in business, and package it to be fit for use by businesses.

Theme / Sector Knowledge
There are thematic areas that cut across all sectors. Through desktop research, research surveys, workshops and round-tables, SIB-Kenya gathers insights in form of challenges, opportunities, solutions, policy etc. to enable and empower businesses to be aware and to start on responsible business Practices.

Workshops & Informative Events
Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya organizes a minimum of six sectoral workshops every year, convening key drivers and directing the conversation towards sharing interesting, relevant knowledge that leads to action.

Speaking and Moderation
Speaking opportunities are used to share deeper insights on specific topics, relevant to the people in the room and share our gathered knowledge on various topics. Moderation is all about creating a momentum towards positive change among people with the same goals.