New business innovation and growth decisions require fruitful partnerships to work. Business to Business, and multi-stakeholder relationships increase your capacity, efficiency and ease of implementation. Sustainable Inclusive Business-Kenya is the go to enabler. Define your needs and let us help you get the correct partner!



Identifying + Steering Multi-Stakeholder Groups
The main aim of multi-stakeholder processes is to promote inclusive decision-making by ensuring that the views of the key actors are integrated at all stages of dialogue. The process takes the view that everyone involved in the process has a valid view and relevant knowledge and experience to bring to the table. The approach aims to create trust between the actors and solutions that provide mutual benefits (win-win). Communication across a selected value-chain, collective identification of the way forward and responsible actors speeds up the impact process.



Business Impact assessment, Circular Economy, Environment, Waste, sectoral and thematic issues related to sustainable business practice are housed within us. Are you looking for an expert advice or experience? Let us know what you need to grow.

Some Expert partners we work with:



Business Solutions
We have documented good practice examples in Circular Economy, Waste Management, Innovation, Biodiversity, Water, Horticulture, Agribusiness, Tourism/Hospitality, Ewaste, Employee Engagement and related topics. All these are business solutions that can solve particular business issues. Get connected with these and create more positive impact on people and planet.



Workshops, Roundtables & Annual Conference
Convening government, academia, civil society, business, startups and entrepreneurs together leads to creation of partnerships through expression of needs, ideas and experiences. We have experienced these different actors engage and business opportunities, internships, coalitions and even government action spurred from organizing such meetings