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Date: 28th September 2017

SIB Kenya together with Deloitte, B-Lab E.A and New Generation Leadership organized a workshop on code of Ethics, Business value and New Business mindset. The workshop was held on 28th September 2017 and Hosted by Deloitte. Workshop speakers included KEPSA Director Ms. Catherine Musakali, Dr. Karambu Ringera of New Generation Leadership, William Oelofse, Partners Deloitte Kenya and Olivia Muiru CEO B- Lab East Africa.

Trends and needs around Code of ethics in business practices, need for business mindset change, WHY Sustainable and Inclusive Business practice should be a growing norm, measuring and growing good business and HOW to change and transform your business with a new mindset were among the hot topics on workshop.

From the workshop it was clear that Businesses needs to uphold strong brand and the legacy of integrity which requires them to conduct business fairly, honestly, and ethically.

For a company to survive and remain successful, they must have a sound set of beliefs that serves as the foundation for their decisions and actions. We must remember that our success, reputation, and brand are developed over many years and can be damaged if we do not act responsibly with an uncompromising set of common beliefs.

A commitment to integrity is about creating a climate for continued success. These requires a change of mindset. Mr. William Oelofse indicated that collusion is not the right mindset to grow businesses.

Five things that need to change the mindset are; Clarity, Role modelling, Achievability, Commitment and Enforcement.

A leader is known by what they do

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