Cross-industry collaboration critical for circular electronics future


The COVID pandemic has made us more reliant than ever on digital connectivity and telecommunications. From handheld devices and screens, to servers, r...

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Waste pickers deserve recognition, acceptance same as other workers


  What you need to know: They rid our homes of garbage and help keep our cities clean. These men and women are the unsung heroes of our urban ce...

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Kenyan inventor of electronic-powered cart

Kenyan Inventor

  @SheilahBirgen A Kenyan inventor came up with an electric-powered cart that goes faster and can carry more than traditional mo...

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Food systems responsible for ‘one third’ of human-caused emissions


‘Food systems’ were responsible for 34 per cent of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, according to new research. A ...

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To fix fashion’s sustainability problem, we need a little less conversation and a little more action


3 ways to fast-track fashion’s sustainable transformation There is no vaccine for climate change, and fashion brands must shift gears quickly to mitig...

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Biodiversity and the circular economy


By Lauren Phipps March 8, 2021 Making its way to the top of global agendas and the bottom of balance sheets, biodiversity recently has rise...

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People make the circular economy world go round

By Deonna Anderson March 5, 2021 Separation work of recyclable materials in a work cooperative in the Glicerio neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Photo...

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5 opportunities of a circular economy


By David McGinty March 5, 2021 Treating finite resources wisely is part of the picture. Shutterstock Hyper Story Close Authorship More...

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Fostering fruitful partnerships for green growth

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 1.41.43 PM

Occasionally, change is necessitated by the occurrence of external events. The increasing growth in the world’s population for example, upsurges the t...

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Why data and measurement are key to a circular economy transition


  This article originally appeared on Circulate News. Measuring financial results, customer retention, productivity and inventory are all commonp...

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