Business Development Missions
Get to know your business area well. We plan and organize business development missions. This includes company visits, matchmaking, round-table discussions, market research and a report there-of.

With this tool, enable your business to identify opportunities and growth areas for a specific sector or business area and have a positive impact on people, planet and profit. Once you are set to start, we can also help you set up your sustainable business in Kenya!

Business Development & Partnership Mission for Orange Climate
Business Development Mission on Plastic Waste Management 

Program Planning and Development
When change needs to happen, we have the experience and capacity to put it down on paper and plan it; and see it through to implementation. This includes Project Initiation, Building a Consortium, Facilitation and Management of change projects/programs.

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Boost Better Business Program
Boost Better Business is a program design by SIBKenya and B Lab East Africa to help businesses measure their Social and Environmental Impact and identify areas they can improve. The program’s vision is to help entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable businesses that contribute to the development of their communities.

B3 Program Provides a full assessment of your business’ social and environmental performance as it relates to governance, workers, community, customers and environment using the B impact assessment tool and improvement workshops that offer tailor-made assistance to support entities in developing and executing impact strategies. This will include offering industry insights, trends and regulatory policies that will affect businesses as they adopt a more sustainable and inclusive practices

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Fruitful Partnerships
New business innovation and growth decisions require fruitful partnerships to work. Business to Business relationships increase your capacity, efficiency and ease of implementation. SIB-Kenya is the go to business enabler. Define your needs and let us help you get the correct partner

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Market Advice
With SIB-Kenya, you can get market advice on how to start, where to start, how to improve your business and grow and at the same time be sustainable and inclusive. Get in touch and get unique insight on how to start/grow your business.

We cannot share internal documents of companies we have adviced but we have worked with these, for instance:


Business Scan
A Sustainable Inclusive Business scan is an assessment of the current state of the business, good practices, environmental and social impact of a company and how they can start, and improve to make their business more future proof. The goal is to empower businesses to take a step or improve on what they are already doing.

We cannot share internal documents of companies we have adviced but we have worked with these, for instance:


Get tailormade trainings on sustainable inclusive business, innovation, topical issues and solutions that will boost your business, or organisation on practical expert knowledge and implementation techniques